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I am the Science Director and Deputy Director of CSIRO’s Data61. I am passionate about improving the process of scientific discovery, impact creation and making the world a better and more sustainable places for the next million years of life

I’m a graduate engineer at CSIRO’s Data61 working with the team to create a software platform that makes it easy to create smart, ultra-low power devices to make any object ‘intelligent’. We envision a world where smarts can be embedded

I am passionate about biomolecular modelling and specialise in enzyme engineering and drug design. I am interested in meeting anyone to discuss anything!

I love solving complicated problems and tackling new challenges where technology is critical and can pivot to new commercial applications. I specialise in developing robotic manufacturing applications where materials, processes, software, and hardware play a significant role. I am interested

I am Director of Strategic Delivery within Australia’s National Science Agency, CSIRO, where I lead a range of industry collaboration and innovation programs, including overseeing the CSIRO Missions Program. Prior to working at CSIRO, I served as Australia’s Industry, Innovation

I’m passionate about deeptech and specialise in commercialising data, AI and digital businesses and have a focus on Financial Services, predominantly.

People are at the heart of what I do, whether contributing to boards, leading complex businesses through transformation, or building something great!

I help leaders think more creatively and act more innovatively, I’m a challenger of the status quo!

Passionate about leveraging technology in creative and pragmatic ways to benefit the environment, optimise the utilisation of renewable energy, and craft client-oriented solutions that drive business outcomes. Would like to work and/or invest with like-minded people. Happy to meet and

Founder of the Gaddie Pitch. Interested in supporting people to achieve their full potential and in creating uplift for humanity and the planet. Together we are (much) better!

I work in web3, metaverse and blockchain, I specialise in how to use these tech stacks to drive commercial outcomes. I’m interested in meeting people to find investment opportunities.

I’ve been building and growing 90+ companies in New Zealand, Australia and the United States for more than 30 years. I am focused on breaking new ground, unearthing new technologies in the advanced materials & manufacturing sectors and adding value